Time; God’s Great Thing.

A memory-maker

A dream spinner,

a way to heal, to transform.

Where, in the long stretches,

do moments turn into memory?

August Popsicles dripping down a summer dress

Warm Septembers,

Rusty, breezy Octobers,

Chilly Novembers giving way to winter,

and those nights I used to write and write.

Countless seasons have passed me by,

I am left clinging to childhood, to a carefree

sense of wild freedom,

of so much time to do so much,

and now, too many distractions,

and too little time.


Nesha Usmani




Time pushes forward

But, she looks back.

Her heart fills with tears and love,


And she hopes he might drink from it.

as one would a glass of water.

But time pushes forward,

and in so doing,

pulls him away from her,

Her outstretched hand remains empty,

her fingertips cold.

Nesha Usmani