Traveling the world is more than

Seeing the Eiffel tower.

It’s more than

Swiss Alps and Belgian chocolate.

British accents and Irish landscapes.

Resort beaches and Expensive hotels.

It is most memorable as

Dirt roads between shanty houses.

Faces that havent seen the likes of you, nor you them.

Stuttering and stumbling over a language you never learned in school.

Tasting fruit you didn’t know existed or grew at all.

Sometimes it’s about unlearning what you’ve been taught.

When faced with those who seem to have nothing,

It’s understanding your privilege and being grateful.

It’s understanding your position as a guest or visitor.

It’s teaching less and being a student,

Leaving something of yourself behind where ever you go,

A kind word or a smile.

Respect and humility.

Sometimes it’s not about traveling the world

But about letting the world travel you.

Letting each new friend shape you.

Each new language leaves a new word so true you can’t translate it to English.

Each new food leaves a taste nothing can replace.

The memories will feel like another life.

The You in them will feel like a different Self.

And you like the Traveling Self

Much more than the Stationary Self.

You find that She has more patience for humans.

You feel that She still has hope for them.

Nesha Usmani


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