I fell asleep

and woke in my dreams.

Beneath me, a valley of forget-me-not blooms.

Blue rays shining around little yellow suns,

they rippled gently with the wind and I saw

they were millions in number,

rippling light and dark blue over rolling hills,

little suns winking, turning with pleasure,

to have met my gaze.

I walked slowly there, gently,


not wanting to disturb or trample these

little blue wonders.

Not a human in sight, no birds, no beasts,

but so, so many souls.

I met a clearing,

a circle of smooth, supple grass,

that greeted me with warmth and softness.

I rested there for an age, it seemed,

Surrounded by blue, and yellow, and green.

And the white clouds above me,

and the sun.

Gently caressed by breezes that carried

heat and the scent of clear blue seas.

There in my dreams, I rested,

and woke, in my bed, with memories of things unseen

and the taste of honey upon my lips.


Nesha Usmani

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