you’re still a dream.

My dream,

and within it I have made a thousand

silken quilts

with just one whisper of your voice,

the smallest sound was enough to warm

me on so many freezing nights.

In my dream, I have stolen the ink

from the shadows that have moved across

the stoic planes of your face,

and with it i’ve composed symphonies

of laughter and delight.

And in your tears I drowned,

Pulled under by the currents of your frustration,

swirled and pushed and thrown

and I have been the lonely, stranded soul

cast away by a mighty sea; banished by your rough waters.

I dream of happiness.

Of bright, white sunrises.

of your contentment.

and the tears in your eyes

come with a smile.

I don’t think I’ll ever be enough.

I don’t think i’ll ever compare

to the vision in your mind.

But in the same instant that my 

dream shatters, and with it my weak heart,

I pray you have all that you’ve ever wanted

and know that I am sincere.





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