Jorge Luis Borges “The Threatened One” as translated by N. Maticki love
I will try to hide or run away
Walls of her dungeon grow like in a terrible dream.
Beautiful mask has changed but, as always, it is unique.
In vain are my lucky charms,
my literature, unreliable erudition
Learning of the words used by the harsh north to sing (of) their seas and their swords,
cheerfulness of friendship,
galleries of Libraries,
common things
young love of my mother
shadows of my warrior ancestors
a timeless night…
taste of a dream?
To be with you
or not to be with you
is a measure of my Time
Already a pot is broken on a spring
already a man is woken by a bird
turned dark are those who watch from the windows,
but darkness did not bring peace.
That is, I know already, Love
unease and relief when I hear your voice
waiting and remembering,
horror of living in future
That is Love with all its mythologies
with its little pointless sorceries
There is a street corner
I dare not pass by
Armies surround me, hordes
(This room is not real, she has not seen it)
Name of one woman gives me away
One woman hurts me
all over my body.
Jorge Luis Borges “The Threatened One”
Translated by Nikola Maticki

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