Prayer, Hope, Determination

Ok I’ll give in, It doesn’t matter.

You and I don’t really matter in the scheme

Of things.

You’re better off without me

Maybe I’m better off with you

Maybe none of this is worth it

And maybe no good will come of it

But then what is the point of du’a

When you give up,

When you stop trying?

What is the point of Mercy

If you don’t ask for it?

Let me remind you in case you forgot

of all the things about you that have been

a mercy, from Allah, to me.

Your Emaan.

Your patience, your thoughtfulness

Your rationale, your trust.

Your determination. Your goals.

Your calmness. Your understanding.

Your struggle. Your faith in Allah.

Your belief in Allah. 

Your manners. Your respect.

Your humor. Your intelligence.

Your focus. Your study. Your priorities.

Your love. Your care.

Your regret. Your shame.

Your reminders. Your logic.

Your criticisms. Your doubts.

Through every tear and every smile

I remember every word.

And at the end of the day

ALL I can say

is Alhamdulillah for everything.

Astaughfirullah for the mistakes.


for every morning I wake up

and make another dua

for things to be okay.

More than okay.

Perfect. between you and me,

and Allahu Akbar 

God is Great.

and I see His greatness in the way

He has put you in my life.

Allahu Akbar.


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