The Prophet (SAW) and grief.

Thanks to Imam Khalid Latif, I got to read this beautiful Hadith on sadness and grief, Alhamdulillah:

Anas bin Malik, May God be pleased with him, narrates: We went with the Messenger of God, peace be upon him to the blacksmith Abu Saif, and he was the husband of the wet-nurse of Ibrahim (the son of the Prophet). The Prophet took Ibrahim and kissed him and smelled him and later we entered Abu Saif’s house and at that time Ibrahim was in his last breaths, and the eyes of The Prophet started shedding tears. ‘Abdur Rahman bin ‘Awf said, “O Messenger of God, even you are weeping!” He said, “O Ibn ‘Awf, this is mercy.” Then he wept more and said, “The eyes are shedding tears and the heart is grieved, and we will not say except what pleases our Lord, O Ibrahim! Indeed we are grieved by your separation.”

Read more of his Ramadan Reflections series here:

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