Gulls at Dawn

Patience is a difficult test.
After Suhoor and Fajr in a distant land
I cannot sleep.
The seagulls call and dive
And I’d rather hear the waves crashing against the rocks and the tide caressing the shore.
I think of you and pray.
And my heart is overwhelmed
And the tears feel futile,
But I know each loss and gain
Is a sign for those who reflect,
And thankfully the ropes that bind my heart to my chest were never made by my love of mankind
But The Creator.
And my hope is not with the fickle hearts of mankind
But with the One who can change them.
The gulls swoop and dive at every glimpse of a morsel
But I know that it is Allah that fills their stomachs,
And not their fiery competition.
And so I know my heart is His
Not his, to mend and break.

Nesha Usmani
July 13 2013

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