Assalamu Alaikum

I’m getting close to when I have to head back to the states and start my month-long hyperventilation, inshAllah.

Ramadan is the obvious, but the thought of packing my things and moving away is daunting and stressful. May Allah make it easy, Ameen. I’ll be moving to downtown Chicago to attend University of Illinois for a Master’s in Public Health. I’m really thankful that it’s Chicago because I have so much family there and I’m also excited to be a part of one of the largest Muslim communities in America, Alhamdulillah, subhanAllah! I’m looking forward to joining community organisations and doing some volunteer work, inshAllah. 

At the same time, I’m sad to be leaving my family and friends. In an ideal world, Everything would be walking distance and I could still come home and spend the evenings there. But Allah is the best of planners. InshAllah He makes my move easy, my experience and education beneficial. and decreases my worries, Ameen.

While the UK was amazing and an enriching experience, I have decided that the next time I travel, inshAllah, will be for Umrah, inshAllah. Almost everyone I met here had an Umrah or Hajj experience to tell me about and inshAllah it’s a sign for me. 

I have about an hour before I have to jump on trains and head back to Scotland for the remainder of my stay. Ramadan Mubarak, everyone. Don’t waste it.



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