Boston Aftermath Commentary

By The Fig and The Olive

Bismillahi Ar Rahman Ir Rahim

I’m a Muslim and I’ve lived in America for 23 years. I’ve watched people I’ve known and loved be wrongfully accused, threatened, harassed, and even deported. I’ve been called bad names. The front of my masjid was destroyed by an angry man after 9/11. My fellow Muslims in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, and Yemen have been victims of acts of terrorism, genocide, corrupt governments, desperate measures, and a severe and humiliating lack of understanding and dialogue. Yet, all of us…ALL OF US…DO NOT tolerate acts of violence against innocent civilians. It’s terrifying when what we see on the news all over the world hits us at home. I’m not sure I believe everything the news is saying, but what I do believe in is patience and good will. I believe that God is All-Merciful, All-Knowing, The Wise. I love my family…

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