as i yawn
at the break of dawn
risen has the sun
for a new day has begun
the morning dew
apparent everywhere like grandmas stew
blessed is he whose purified for a new start she always says
and thats how i start my days
my humble abode
made of cyprus and straw
built from scratch you may call it raw
nothing fancy
but still home
i saddle up lighty
thats my horse
she used to be fast and mighty
now am contemplating divorce
with a kick we go our way
passing by miss hellen
ever smiling tending her peas and beans
am often lonely but i shrug the thought of us in a pod
passed the multiple well built shacks we pass
into the outskirts we arrive
a stream gushes forth
left in awe everyday by this awesome display
of natures beauty that never seem to decay
but am…

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