Time pushes forward

But, she looks back.

Her heart fills with tears and love,


And she hopes he might drink from it.

as one would a glass of water.

But time pushes forward,

and in so doing,

pulls him away from her,

Her outstretched hand remains empty,

her fingertips cold.

Nesha Usmani

5 thoughts on “Reaching

  1. Very deep. I like this one. “Time pushes forward” (in front, pulling away from her, who is behind) and yet “she looks back.”. Excellent! And yet the tone is sorrowful, longing. 😦

    So to compensate with positive (if I may): “By Time [the declining day]. Verily [we] are in loss, except for those who perform righteous deeds and enjoin mutual constancy and patience.” (al asr, Qur’an) 🙂

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