4 thoughts on “History

  1. I worry that sometimes this is reversed. Unless you’re talking about what history should be. Then, perhaps yes. But an important caution: we must beware of adoring the past – present or future as though we are prostrating to one or the other. We worship no myth, no legend. Though we may be inspired by them. And we leave the present bare as we bear up ‘aware’ towards the present continuous…

    • Hehe, brother, finally I have got you.
      This was actually a commentary on how I’ve seen history to be treated. Im disappointed the meaning didn’t come through, but it’s difficult to do so in structured poetry like the haiku and tanka.
      I was referencing the fact the more often than not we tend to make famous the criminals, tyrants, and villains. The heroes tend to take a backseat, but nevertheless they are treated like legends. As for the last line, I was making the observation that we very rarely apply history to the present; we don’t really learn from our mistakes. But your comment is true. We should never adore the past, present, or future, and worship no mortal hero. And we must work towards the future, towards akhira.

      • asa sister, i didn’t mean it as a criticism by any means. The ambiguity actually adds shades to the meaning – i was merely trying to dissect some part of it. Reading your analyses shows me how deep this one truly is, mashaAllah. And I am learning 🙂

  2. Hehe i welcome criticism!!! I actually didn’t really even take it as such! And ah, it’s not that great lol, I just write whatever. But im glad you like it, alhamdulillah! And please don’t worry, i actually very much enjoyed the comment!!

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