Cupcake Batter

Good Morning My Love.

Sleep evaded me last night.

I cried, and my heart reached for you,

Saying your name over and over

as if that alone could have brought you to me.

I felt you thinking of me.

Were you?

Were you thinking of me?

I couldn’t sleep.

I put something warm on and went upstairs

Prayed and baked cupcakes.

Today, my little sister is having a birthday party.

I remember you saying that birthdays were “bida’a”

I’m smiling to myself, thinking of that.

I made the cupcakes, anyway.

They were chocolate, you would have liked them.

But then, I added coffee.

You wouldn’t have liked that.

But I think, if I had said, please?

Please, let me feed you?

You would have smiled

and said yes.

I miss you.

I miss you.

I miss you.

And I know exactly why.


Nesha Usmani

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