Through the pain of loss

and the frustration of the heart

my body has developed a fondness for sleep

the depths of which go beyond simple


traversing into addiction,

lulling the body into a state of

constant exhaustion

despite sustenance

despite wakefulness,

and despite activity.

Constantly craving to succumb

into a dark abyss of sensory blindness,

in which I neither see, nor feel

nor hear,

nor dream.

And which, upon waking,

I half-heartedly reason that my sleep

was not a peaceful one (as a reason for its length),

when in reality,

The abyss in which I know nothing,

is the realm in which I wish to stay.



2 thoughts on “Prozac

  1. Wonderful poem, mashallah. I know the feeling. Perhaps the reason you (we 🙂 ) feel a closeness to that ‘realm in which I wish to stay” – i.e. sleep – is because of its closeness to the afterlife – i.e. after death (and thereby being ever closer (inshallah) to God).

    Consider, for instance:

    “…when your soul dies it hovers above your body, and it’s a very discomforting experience. And this is why a sleep is considered to be the little brother of death in Islam [and interestingly in ancient Greece too, Sleep and Death are brothers – ModWestMuse just saying], and the Quran talks about “We cause them to die and there are those who return to their bodies and others that we keep them”

    In other words, sleep is a type of death, one of the things sleep is the indication of the Afterlife, because what happens when you go to sleep is like you live your life, you go to sleep and you enter into this barzakh, and then waking up is like the resurrection. You come back into the body and you wake up, you are resurrected. During sleep, you can live lives. You can have extraordinary dreams, you can feel like you were dreaming just all these things happened, and those are indications of another world. And this is why the Muslims believe that the dream realm is a very important realm, and they differentiate between dreams…”

    Hamza Yusuf (taken from:

    • Thanks for that interesting reply, mashAllah!!! And that link! Ive heard some differing reviews about Sheikh Hamza. But I really love his 17 benefits of trials and tribulations lecture mashAllab

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