Storms and Seasons, and the Things You Said.

I wish you knew how I felt when I watched you walk away.

Joining the small company of those who said they would,

but in the end they didn’t.

Who strung my heart up with words

and left it there when it flew too high to reach,

To bring down, to return it to my empty chest.

It would be easier if I were angry with you.

But I’m not.

I remember you with love-filled sadness.

Like the silence of a lover who gazes upon

the sleeping face of her beloved.

Seeing you for the first time, seeing your eyes

was like remembering.

Like reliving memories of a time and place

that I have yet to reach

and are now probably just dreams.

Dreams, like those you used to have about me.

Dreams that comforted and reassured,

and not those from “the mind’s shadows”.

A line of poetry you once wrote.

That repeats and repeats.

Like storms and seasons.

The same way I remember your steady gaze,

and the feeling I had as you looked at me,

As if, for a moment,

I really was, like you said,

“A diamond among rocks.”

Nesha Usmani

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