By The Fig and The Olive

Bismillahi Ar Rahmani Ar Rahim

Noor. The mysterious, ethereal glow on the face of a true believer.

So subtle and yet so vibrant at the same time. When I see it, I find myself looking for its source. Sometimes, shamelessly scanning their faces with curiosity and awe. May Allah forgive me for staring.

How is it that one person can possess such beauty, such light? Not in the way their face is structured. Not in the thinness of the nose, the flawlessness of the skin. Not in the fullness of lips nor the size of the eyes.

But a light that seems to emanate from within. A light that sets their blood aglow, shining from within with purity. Golden, it seems to be, in places where the skin is soft.


May Allah keep the noor on the faces of those who already possess it, and giveā€¦

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