By the Fig and the Olive

By the Fig and the Olive

Assalamu Alaikum & Hello!

I’ve got another blog! I will be using it to share, inform, and write about my experiences as a Muslim. It’s a purely educational and informational effort, for the sake of Allah. It’s educational for me as well, since I wish to learn more about my religion. So, I figure, I’ll learn as I go, inshAllah. So click the little weirdly underlined link that reads “By the Fig and the Olive” and give me some feedback, follow, and give me some ideas. I already have some ideas in the works. Wouldn’t hurt to get some more!

May Allah make this new blog beneficial for me and those who read, Ameen.

And please keep up on this blog, which is mainly for poetry, random thoughts, and general ranting.

Have a good one!

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