From sunrise to nightfall,

I practice my devotion.

But often I find my heart

being twisted by other desires.

I long for that golden chain of faith

that stops my knees from buckling

under the weight of my thoughts.

Give that chain to me and

I would wrap my wrists and ankles

with it

and beg You

Take me from the world,

if there is only foolishness.

If there is no reprieve, if I am always

in danger of being dragged under.

Let that chain make welts in my flesh,

Let all who see me know

I am Yours.

I am Abid.

Not of this world.

Free me from the barren soils of greed

and desire

Where I have mistakenly planted my roots.

Let me live among those who have pleased You most.

Let me live and die with Your name on my lips,

and hope in my eyes.

“Verily, Only in Remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest”

Verily, in worldly pursuits, are hearts wasted in life and death.


Nesha Usmani

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