“So Let them Worship The Lord of this House, Who Hath Fed them Against Hunger and Hath Made them Safe from Fear.” – Quran 106:3-4


 BOH tea plantation, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

I don’t often write about my beliefs. It’s quite a shame because my religion makes up all of who I am. Everything I do, say, am…comes from or is affected by my beliefs.

I’m not going to go into a huge spiel on Islam. I’m not going talk about its do’s and don’t’s. Atleast not in this post.

The past 15 months can only be described as life-changing. I mean, I can’t seem to catch my breath! I traveled South-East Asia on a volunteer project for the first 6 months of 2012, which changed my life utterly. Then the next 6 months changed my life even more, on even more personal levels. And these past few weeks have been nonetheless exciting, challenging, scary, etc.

I’m still on the threshold, it feels like! Damn! When I started this blog, I seriously didn’t know what I was getting myself into, SubhanAllah (Glory is to God).

If you know anything about Islam, you should know that Muslims should not live for the pleasures of this world. Our goal is Jannah (Heaven), inshAllah (God-willing). So, the best Muslims that I know have detached themselves from this world, Are free from its greed, temptations, worldly matters. They are patient, tolerant, and trust in Allah with everything. I strive to be like that and fail, everyday.

But you know the most interesting thing that I’ve understood that if you want the world…if you want worldly pleasures…worldly successes…God gives them to you.

He gives them to you and guess what…they only cause you trouble. That big house you took out a massive loan for is literally draining you of your finances. Your fairy-tale romance turned into a big slimy green frog after 2 years. Your fancy degree is doing its job really well hanging in the space on the wall between your closet and the door.

Live for this world, and you’ll get this world. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t aim high. If God gave you ambition, use it! If you have aspirations, try to reach them!! But the biggest problem is somewhere between our fingers and our dreams, we forget God is controlling it all, and everything we do is for His sake.

All I really wanted to say was…

Some of the worst displeasures in this life (i.e. hunger, poverty, financial ruin, broken hearts) can lead to the greatest pleasures in the afterlife: Heaven. IF we trust, believe, and work towards God.

And yet…some of the biggest pleasures (+ temptations) in this life can lead to the greatest displeasures in the afterlife (Hell) if we lose sight of God,

May Allah protect us all, Ameen.

And, you know, if you had NO idea what I was talking about…maybe you’re curious enough now to look it up?

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