Do you believe the beauty of a soul

Outweighs that which sits on the skin?

I dare not wish to inquire

The weight of what lies within.

I spent too long wandering

Among these frostbitten trees

I lost my way so long ago,

And my limbs have begun to freeze.

Am I a shadow among these branches?

Am I that which they have begun to fear?

I’ve forgotten the taste of happiness,

I’m not sure what I’m doing here.

But now and then the forest changes,

A green leaf blinds me as I pass,

The small yellow sun of a dandelion,

A fresh, dewy patch of grass

I wonder then if I’ve found a way

A way out of this cold place,

But the hope is frightening and I stray,

Do I deserve the sun’s warm face?

I think not and turn my feet,

Step back into the shadows and frost

Too scared of all that is warm and sweet,

Too ashamed to admit I am lost.

Nesha Usmani

December 22, 2012

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