water drips in the quiet of Eden,

held temporarily by the lush green leaves

of trees.

Through the drip-drip-drop,

hushed whispers weave through the branches,

and plumes of steam rise from the ground,

timid heat caressing the forest bed.

Above the canopy,

look closely.

stars twinkle in a sky of sapphire

A competition of beauty,

for the sun blazes gold, throwing

constellations to disarray.

I do not know -nay-

I cannot tell,

Whether this is Heaven,

or a part of Hell,

For I glanced over my bare shoulder,

and saw you looking back at me.

Your eyes, an addiction

I used to feed,

by dreaming of you constantly.

Are you ghost

or are you flesh,

and if flesh you are,

there must be an apple.

Rotting somewhere

behind the trees.


Nesha Usmani

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