Seriously…Who does that?! Greg Mortenson does that.


With credit to my father and my best friend, I’m finally reading Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.

I don’t know what kept me away from this book…actually, yes, I do. It was my dad hounding me for 8 months to read it and me rolling my eyes, appreciating the context, but just wanting to get away from more assigned reading.

And then my best friend picked it up, called me, told me in so many words how amazing and moving it was. I guess that did it, really.

I’m going to make a mental note to listen to my parents more often (listen up, kids!).

I’m not even a hundred pages into the book, and I’ve already choked back sobs and feverishly wiped away tears of sadness and utter amazement. This book will make you want to sell everything you own, move to a third world country, and feed/educate the first starving child you meet.

I’m serious.

Please, please, please read this book.

It is the true story of an American, Greg Mortenson, who built a school for children in the village of Korphe in the mountains of Pakistan. Defying all odds, astounding people of every religion, and ultimately bringing hope and progress to a starving mountain village that time, and the modern world, forgot.

I will write a review for this book once I finish it.

In the mean time, pick it up. Purchase a box of tissue paper. Bake brownies.

You’ll need them.





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